Financial HardshipWe Can Help if You’re in Financial Hardship.

When your financial situation seems overwhelming, we want you to know that you have options. And we’re always here to help.

You Have Options.

Too often, people declare bankruptcy or financial insolvency when they find themselves in financial hardship.

But, far from the ‘fresh start’ it claims to be, this can lead to further implications. After declaring bankruptcy, you might find yourself:

  • Permanently listed on a register that is accessible by landlords and employers

  • Having overseas travel banned

  • Being forced to sell assets

  • Having your income and business affected

  • Being unable to use banks, service providers and lenders

There are other options for you.

Help is Available.

The Australian Government has a range of free resources available. 

Before declaring bankruptcy, check out the Australian Financial Security Authority website. Or, access their free financial counsellors for unbiased and independent advice.

Want to learn more? These videos can help you explore options.

Fair Go Finance can Tailor a Solution

Experiencing problems paying your loan? We understand. And we have lots of ways to help.

Our hardship relief options include reducing loan repayments, temporarily stopping interest and preventing additional fees. So, before you consider declaring bankruptcy or dealing with a debt repair agency, speak with our friendly, understanding team on 1300 324 746.